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El Sol de Osa


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An Index to Online Rantings by Your Humble Owner / Operator


JUL 08 2015:   Donald Trump:  Beloved American-Dream Iconoclast Keeps Knocking the Balls out of the Park

MAY 21 2015:  The fall of Ramadi all in the cards in the furtherance of American self interest

OCT 31 2012:  Why I voted (early) for Barack Obama

OCT 05 2012:  Red Herring Versus Fair Game

SEP 30 2012:  Espectro de Grises

SEP 22 2012:  Not In My Back Yard

SEP 22 2012:  El Norte de Puerto Jiménez

SEP 18 2012:  Vote Early and Vote Often!

SEP 14 2012:  Leading from Behind Beneath a Torrent of Tweets

SEP 11 2012:  Let the Right One In

AUG 19 2012:  No Thanks to the NO petition

AUG 12 2012:  DAVID KHAN:  Tour and Travel Agent, Aladdin Lee Grant Rutledge Collar, Guest Fiction Writer

JUL 22 2012:  The Geology and Distribution of Gold On the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

JUL 21 2012:  Time to Act

JUL 19 2012:  Grid-Tie:  A Win Win Investment Vehicle

JUL 18 2012:  OSA is a Three-Letter Word

JUL 15  2012Silent Partner

JAN 15  2011Tourism 1013:  The serpent and the raptor

NOV 07 2010:  Welcome to the Osa:  new season, new challenges

NOV 29 2009:  Home solar power design:  cookie cutter style

JULY 28 2009:  Home solar power design:  cookie cutter style

JULY 01 2009:  No Carbon for me, Costa Rica

MAY 22 2009:  Everybody must get stoned.

MAR 07 2009:  A great place to weather a great depression

FEB 08 2009:  That giant sucking sound

JAN 03 2009:  New year, new life, new paradigms:  The Existential knick point of 2009

NOV 06 2008:  America Wins

OCT 30, 2008:  Change I can believe in


OCT 08 2006:   Historical Footnote:  Cromwell defiant over allegations of moral turpitude
OCT 02 2006:   Ineptitude, Corruption and Deceit:  A November Date With the Woodshed

SEP 19 2006:   A Bridge Too Far

AUG 31, 2006:  Fascism 1001:  The Danger from Without and Within

MAY 25, 2006:  A Blanket of Illusion

MAY 17, 2006:  Uran Stands Firm on Iranium Enrichment

MAY 13, 2006:  The South American Zeitgeist

MAY 06, 2006:  Something Happened on the Way to Iraq

MAR 28, 2006:  Calvin Unchened

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MAR 14 2006:  The Gates of the Keeper
MAR 11 2006:  The Third Way
FEB 22 2006:  Cry Havoc and Let Slip

FEB 20 2006:  How to Win the Media War

FEB 16 2006:  The Brit Hume Hot Seat:  Beleaguered Veep Squirms and Hedges

FEB 08 2006:  The Mohammed Cartoon Global Crisis:This Fire Needs More Fuel

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